Thursday, 4 November 2010

UNIT 208 THEME 1 -Ilam and the ruins of Throwley hall

Strange Looking !
ISO  100  1/250  f6.4
I was walking past the church in Ilam and saw this tree with its slim tall trunk and wide canopy ,I thought it looked like a giraffe with a hat on! I like the shape of this tree the lines of the tree and the different tones of black and grey that b&w photography gives you.

Under Cover.
ISO 200 1/50 6.4

In Ilam still ,it was a bright day and this tree spreads its self  widely across the grass, as I went under the canopy the color of the leaves became brighter and the shape of the tree darker and the texture of the orange leafy carpet  became more apparent. I like this picture for the trees lines, shape, colors  and textures of all the leaves.
Branching out.
ISO 200  1/50 6.4

This is the same tree as above but a different angle , the branch appears to be reaching out  for the light again I like the texture ,color lines and shape.

Stone Steps.
ISO  400  1/40  6.4

These step rise up through the woods on the other side of the river in Ilam,  some contain  fossils that are clearly visible where shoes have worn in to the stone. As you can see this was quite a dark area and I have tried to get the light right ,the texture of the leaves is evident and the shapes of the steps curve into the rise and through the trees. I would of liked the photo to have been a little brighter .

Foot bridge.
ISO  800  1/100  3.3

In this photograph I decided to take the shot in black and white and at low angle, I like, the lines and shapes of the fence either side of the foot bridge this draws your eyes to the focal point, the gate at the end . I think this shot could of had a little more clarity .

The river Dove-Ilam.

ISO  1600  1/320   6.4
In this photo I have got the smooth water on the left and the texture of the falling water on the right of the shot , your eyes follow this line across the water on to the other side and up the zig-zag path. The rule of thirds applies. I am not over happy with this shot again the clarity is not right and the picture is slightly over exposed. 

Lovers Walk.
ISO 800  1/100  3.3
The trees is this shot carry on right to the end of the path,  I like how they line the walk way on the left and the fence on the right , both leading your eyes along, I also like the contrast of color of the leaves on the trees and the leaves on the floor . The texture of the leaves and the bark is strong . 

Off  The Wall .
ISO  800  1/140  3.2
For this shot I climbed the wall and sat on it so I lined the camera up so that I could shoot along the wall. I have got the texture of the wall central ,the texture of the grass on the right and the texture of the leaves on the left. The shot could of been better if I had lined up the wall more as it is slightly off centre.
 Step into the dark.
ISO  100  1/14  5.6
I like the way the steps curve into the darkness and they make you wonder what is at the top. I think the ISO gives the atmosphere in this shot this photo has texture and form.

Red carpet.
ISO  100 1/50  3.2 

Over the edge.
ISO  100  1/125  3.2 

In this shot  i've captured the smoothness of the water before it  falls over the edge  ,I like the the way the water is forcing weed to follow. 

Add caption
ISO  200  1/125  3.2
I shot this  through some trees which has framed the picture, the picture is split into thirds  the 1st 3rd is the smooth calm water, the 2nd  3rd  is the rushing water over the edge and the last 3rd  is the water breaking on it way down river. 
A bit of ewe time !
ISO 800  1/200  3.5 
In this shot you can feel the texture of the wool, the picture is clear , has good form and the rule of thirds apply.

Throwley Hall
 ISO 200  1/400  3.3 
The Ruins of Throwley Hall seemed perfect to photograph after visiting Ilam , the weather was starting to turn ,I think this adds to the photo . I like the tones of the sky and  the way the Hall sits comfortable on the hillside.

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  1. Hi
    Your images are very strong compositionally and you have a good eye for an image. You show that you are aware of colour, lines, perspective, viewpoint and look at the world in a more unusual way.
    It is from this image analysis method used on the research images that you can start to identify what there is of value you can add to your own work.